Artificial eyes

This company is an innovative manufacturer of artificial eyes. It was founded in 2012 based on the customers wishes to have some renovation to this area of work.

In Finland we have introduced two new releases to this industry. The first one is taking impressions from the eye socket. By taking an impression we can duplicate the exact nature of the space the prosthesis will fit into. Because of their right size and shape, these prosthesis are easy to wear and they are extremely comfortable. They don´t cause any extra tears, dryness or irritation to the eye socket. You really can tell the difference between these prosthesis and the standard-ones.

The second innovation, a complitely new technique in Finland, is that we are using photography and computer technology when we are making the iris. The iris is made from macro photograph of customers own eye. Human iris has so many tiny lines, patterns and color changes, it is simply impossible to copy them by hand painting. This new technology is the only way to make sure the prosthesis matches costumers own eye perfectly. Our artificial eyes with macro photo inside look beautiful, three-dimensional and really natural.

It takes two days to manufacture an artificial eye. Both days have fittings. The first fitting is about two and a half hours long. In that time we will take the impression, prepare the wax model from the impression and photograph the iris. Once the customer and manufacturer are happy with the iris, it is time to fit it in to the wax model to the right place. The last thing on the first fitting day is to observe customers own eye and mark down the color of the sclera and the number and right shape of veins.

On the second day the prosthesis is ready and can be fitted to the eye. Once the customer and the manufacturer are both satisfied with the prosthesis, the customer is sent home with regimen instructions, storage box and sucktion cup to help moving the prosthesis in and out from the eye.

The prosthesis has three monts guarantee.

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